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Custom Metal Sculpture, Furniture and Wall Art

Steel Top Kitchen Table

Table and 3 Chairs

Fossil Top Coffee Table

Glass Top Table

Electronics Cabinet

Liquor Cabinet Wine Rack

Café Table and 2 Chairs

Petrified Wood Table

Copper Top Table

Chinese Well Cover Table

Butterfly Bench

Car Parts Table

Saw Coffee Table

Marble Top Table

Marble Top Table

Saw Table and Stools


Steel Top Table

Gear and Fossil Table

Copper Top Table

Magazine Stand

Blue Wall Light

Agate Pendant Lamp

Boy Table Lamp

Towel Rack

Standing Towel Rack

Earring Stands

Necklace Stand

Blue Bench (1)

Blue Bench (2)

Darrell's Table

Red Bench - Sold

Candle Holder - Sold


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