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image of Women at Work Wall ArtI am an Arizona native with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Arizona.  For the last 25 years I have been working with recycled metal, marble, stone and fossils to create sculpture , furniture and wall art.  This first part was easy, it is a statement of fact. The hard part is why I chose recycled metal to express myself.  So I wrote a bunch of art speak nonsense and asked my daughter if it sounded stupid.  She was very polite and did not say it sounded stupid but that I should talk about why I love old pieces of metal that most people consider junk.


I love the shapes, textures and patina of old metal and when I transform an old gear, car part, spring or piece of industrial equipment I like to think  I am preserving a little bit of society’s collective history.  I also have the good fortune to live in Tucson, Arizona which hosts the largest Gem and Mineral show in the country every February, therefore I have access to a whole host of incredible natural materials; such as petrified wood from Southeast Asia, marble, fossils from Morocco, agate, and old stone well covers from China.  What could be better than combining these two beautiful materials?


I have created works for private and public clients throughout the United States.






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